Thursday, February 2, 2012

Old Home Week

Well, it wasn't really a week. It was just for part of a day but what fun! We lived at Fort Meade, MD in 2007-2008. During that time we attended Columbia Church of Christ in Columbia, MD. We still feel like these folks are our extended family. They are the ones who, on our last day before moving, dressed up in sandals for Bob and in orange for me. It was hilarious, very personal and so special. Last Sunday we didn't tell them we were coming and surprised everyone.

I missed getting individual photos of many people but these are a few......

Maggie and me

Look, she's still wearing a shade of orange! I teased Maggie all the time because she always wore muted colors. Nice to see that I've had a lasting effect on her choices in clothing!! 8^)

Carisa and Josh

How fun to see the surprised faces. And this couple has added to the family since we left. It was my very first time to see Anne Bazlyn in person. She's a cutie!

She's all new to me!

I could not believe that she let me hold her! How special is that?!

 Pics of the group meeting

Praise team


Alex and us

Alex used to live in San Antonio and when she moved to Bethesda Bob and I recommended she attend this church. It's really great to see friends of ours from two different times in our life all together without us. That's pretty unique and another special piece of the day. 

Warm welcomes from old friends totally make the trip a million times more meaningful. Keep all the friends you can because you can NEVER have too many!



  1. I so loved seeing you walk in on Sunday. We still miss you both terribly.
    Yes, indeed, I am no longer petrified of color thanks to my color therapist, Geraldine!
    Thanks also for all the great tips for our upcoming trip!
    Much love, maggie

  2. It was great seeing y'all! I miss you. Barbara