Sunday, February 12, 2012

More Rodeo Pics

Bronco bustin'

Steer Won
Steer Wrestlin'

I don't know how they stay on those broncos at all!

Most of the steers won but that guy on the left got his down finally.

Then there were the kids......

Mutton bustin'

There were lots of adults around making sure the kids didn't get hurt. One refused after they got out there and looked around at the arena. I don't blame that little one at all! In the end every child got a BIG trophy and the big winner also got a belt buckle. In case you didn't know, the right belt buckle is a very big deal for cowboys. This buckle was big enough that the child may have to grow into it.

Then, of course, there are always people to meet. It was nice to get to thank the committee that invited the military leaders for the evening. The guy on the right is Buster. He and his wife, Katie, were there with us the whole evening. Katie told me that they are there every night during rodeo. Wow!

Bob with the Guys

Blessings today!

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