Thursday, February 23, 2012

Random Photos

It is February, still winter, and it is 82 degrees here today. It feels like the end of spring already. The trees are leafing out, flowers are starting to bloom. The animals surely must wonder what's up! Here are some photos I took at the Warrior and Family Support Center (They really need to come up with a less cumbersome name for that place!) after basket weaving class finished and I was walking to my car.

Who doesn't love such vivid red? These roses are always eye catching.

Yellow and Orange

Of course, I can never pass up these colors!! Isn't it neat how the buds are little bubbles that pop open into a multi-shaped flower?


I know this guy. It makes me think of the one I planted by our house in Florida. It's supposed to be a slow grower and that one grew taller than our house eaves in spite of me constantly pruning it back. The hummingbirds loved visiting that bush.

And then there was this bush with purple flowers........

Bees were swarming over it

Many shades of purple

More purple

What I cannot share with you is the wonderful smell from these flowers. No wonder the bees were swarming all over. It isn't a strong smell, just a really nice fragrance as you pass by. Mmmmmm!

And lastly there was a bug on the purple. I never pass up a bug for Ellen. Surely NO ONE loves bugs as much as this girl. I've never figured it out. I just go with it.....

There you go girlie!

All in all I'd say this makes for a pretty good day!


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