Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fiesta Coming Soon!

Today the Spouse's Club of Fort Sam Houston had a luncheon at the Alamo Cafe and two ladies came from the Fiesta Commission to tell us a little about Fiesta history and upcoming events. Why all this TEN days of madness? Well, it's mostly for charity....and for FUN! (I forgot to mention that RODEO is also about charity, too. They give away scholarships!)

Getting an Early Start!

Fiesta is right up there with the Rose Parade in that they start planning for the next year before last year's is done. There are over 231 events to attend in the ten days of Fiesta!! Here are the ladies giving their presentation....and I'm pretty sure San Antonio, along with Mexican restaurants everywhere, keep the company in business that makes that banner hanging behind them!

Fiesta presentation

Check out the 'medals' on the lapel. Only the beginning of hundreds that will appear in April. In the photo is a former Fiesta Queen and a crown for us to try. Guess who the first volunteer was to put that crown on? You got it!! That sucker is heavy!!

Any chance to reign!

 Our spouse's club is really nice. One of the ladies painted cascarones for us to take home. http://www.ehow.com/how_4505763_make-cascarone.html  What a nice keepsake for military families to remember their time in San Antonio when they move on to the next duty station.

Hand painted cascarones

Bluebonnet cascarone

 And the best for the very last.....CHOCOLATE for dessert. YUM!!!

Doesn't get any better! 8^)


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